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I read her first book Bergdorf Blondes over a decade ago when it was published in 2004, one of those mindless, funny chick lit books, entertaining and paints a funny and realistic socialite life given that Sykes moves in that New York socialite circle. The author obviously comes from a family of privilege and moves […]


I am starting a series interviewing chef wives as part of my on-going series of #marriedtoachef to learn from and share how all these other amazing women from all over the world in similar situations are doing. From conquering their fears, pushing their boundaries and making it work at the merciless schedule of their chef […]

momojein hong kong korean

One of my old friends was here on a quick visit and we got the Korean connection going. She’s Korean german and her cousin just moved from New York to Hong Kong and I believe that the Koreans always suss out the best spots to get their fix of home made meals. Momojein is a […]

french chic
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Picked this book up out of curiosity thinking it’d be in the genre of chick lit, but French Chic was one snooze pill and I have to confess I didn’t finish it. Well, I am married to a French man and have been to France dozens of times, through the villages, French Riveria where women carry […]

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There are tons of new apps launched everyday with the objective to simplify our lives and make everything more convenient and in one spot. I’ve just jumped on the bandwagon to take part sharing my favourite parts of cities I know best – bit of a mini city guide in app form through blog posts […]

in the company of courtesan sarah duant
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If I were to judge a book by its cover, I wouldn’t have picked it up. However,, the title and synopsis was interesting. This suspense novel is peppered with rich historical facts of 16th century Italy, in the same genre as Donna Tartt’s novels peppered with exciting historical recreation of that era like a Ken […]


The latest spot in town for some specialty coffee, savory crepes, club sandwiches and a dessert menu. Bright airy with plenty of natural light streaming in from the skylit glass ceiling. Service is still spotty, every new opening’s teething problems, but the food is simple, fresh and good. A café type spot that has been […]

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