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** All images here shot on iphone, edited with VSCO app. (Dawn.. taken on our recent road trip across France) Ever since I won the mailchimp scholarship for a premium membership on Skillshare, I’ve been taking many classes here and working hard on food photography and styling, doing all my homework with each class. I […]

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I picked up Rainbow Rowell’s book based on the review at the back of the book, but it was a pretty boring read and too literally about a landline that connected the protagonist between past and present and went no where. I had thought it’d be interesting rewinding dating pre mobile era and present day with […]

Going home after living away for more than a decade always feels new and old at the same time. Catching up with old friends at new hip places and going to the same places I’ve been going to for decades with my parents. I still feel displaced, alienated, happy, sad all at once and I […]

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Less is more, we hear it all the time from design aesthetics to presentation content. But the same applies to daily life necessities and I’ve been working hard to let go of stuff, feelings, people who don’t/no longer serve any purpose, but instead drag out all drama and issues. How much do we really need? […]

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This novel is truly a “jewel box of a novel”. The chapters are intersperse between the two main characters Abel who remembers nothing of his past and is invincible with no knife or cuts that can hurt him as the skin instantly heels itself. And then there is Eve, the furry lion faced woman – […]


I like Korean food, but my husband has less appreciation for it, especially Kimchi that is an acquired taste. He say the smell radiates out of my pores after consuming the pickled vegetables. There are Korean communities all over the world and they bring with them all these delicious sauces and foods. Macau has a […]


I work from home and have alot more flexibility around my meals and prepping my meals. For the last four years, although I worked from home, the demands of back to back conference calls didn’t allow me to actually even have lunch or time to pee. Now that I’m back in the freelance work from […]

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