So many hipster cafés have sprung up around Singapore and they all have the same vibe: rustic, beautiful environment, instagram perfect food and often times instagram perfect mise en scene like marble top tables, rustic utensils for props etc. The refinery is that kind of café serving hipster price (read: overpriced food), but you’re really paying […]

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I teach an anthropology course to final year students at IFT the hospitality school in Macao and this book is a real gem full of anecdotal stories, more so than hard history facts which gives leeway for making your own conclusions to certain things. Ian Croftan’s Curious History of Food & Drink is a really fun […]

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This would have made a great film for the food and culture anthropology class I teach at the hospitality school IFT Macao. Chef Peng, the guy who invented the dish passed away earlier this month, and the documentary digs deep with historians and food writers like Fuchsia Dunlop and Jennifer Lee (who wrote another great […]

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It’s all the rage these days. After I discovered this in Taipei a couple of months back, I found out there’s a LeTao opening at Hong Kong’s IFC and also in Singapore. Somehow, Hokkaido cheesecake is all the rage in this region. I love them all those Japanese cheese cakes and LeTao does a pretty […]

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I think I first discovered Douglas Coupland’s books in university when I was borrowing books from the National Library in Singapore really often. I’ve read quite a few of them and revisited his books when I was living in Beijing and craving for English fiction. His writing style is simple and fluid and the narratives […]

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I’ve almost gone through the collection of Wendy Holden’s books, I discovered her fiction over 10 years ago at the Singapore library and I am quickly devouring all of her books. I think my first book I read was Pastures Nouveau, one of those chick lit that keeps you up at night so you’d finish […]

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