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    I will get better at posting a photo a day rather than doing them on a weekly basis. Here’s Hong Kong Queens Road Central.

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In a city like Hong Kong, there are plenty of options to get beautiful blooms for all occasions. But being last minute and sending them from some place else in the world can sometimes be a challenge. I’ve sent a couple of bouquets to friends in Hong Kong while I was back in Singapore. I’m […]

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Learning more about lighting and motion blur… and shooting with a tripod.

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Part of the photography class I took, learning how to work with manual settings to take good photos in the night. Still getting the hang of the holy trinity of ISO, Aperture and shutter speeds.

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It’s actually harder than I thought to be disciplined enough to take a photo a day with my DSLR as I don’t religiously carry it out with me every single day. Here’s a photo from my terrace.

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A little list of our Paris favourites when we head back to France annually for Hong Kong Tatler. From fine dining establishments to brasseries across the city of light, these are options that aren’t just for the deep pocketed.

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This Kau U Fong spot has been on the lips of a few friends since it opened and a stone’s throw from the apartment, so we went to check it out. It should be a month post opening now. I came here 3 times in a week while I was back in Hong Kong and […]

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I contributed to the second issue of Ambrosia, Hong Kong culinary institute’s new magazine on Experiential Dining around the world. Read the magazine here  


I loved chef Adam’s cooking at Chachawan and used to eat there regularly. I am happy to report that his new outfit Samsen is just as great, with a focus on more simple food, plenty of appetisers and noodles options. V’s favourite is the egg with chilli jam, it was nice, but my Thai friend PJ […]

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It’s been over two years since I’ve been to Little Bao when they had just opened. Menus were fixed and there wasn’t a choice to à la carte. Naturally the baos are fantastic. I always go for the braised pork belly, but there is beef and chicken on the menu. I followed my friend’s lead […]

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