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    I will get better at posting a photo a day rather than doing them on a weekly basis. Here’s Hong Kong Queens Road Central.

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Learning more about lighting and motion blur… and shooting with a tripod.

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Part of the photography class I took, learning how to work with manual settings to take good photos in the night. Still getting the hang of the holy trinity of ISO, Aperture and shutter speeds.

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It’s actually harder than I thought to be disciplined enough to take a photo a day with my DSLR as I don’t religiously carry it out with me every single day. Here’s a photo from my terrace.

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I was inspired by the Digital photography blog post on first steps to improve your photography is to make the effort to take a photo a day and stock take with this 365 days photography. Well, here’s day one. I think limiting oneself to a photo a day makes one more mindful of what moment […]


Photo credit: Yan Palmer Erica is an amazing photographer now living in Shanghai with her two beautiful children and chef husband.   1. Well, could you tell us a little about yourself? I’m a photographer, a nomad, a mother, a wife. I’m originally from Canada, but life has taken me around the world, through Asian […]

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** All images here shot on iphone, edited with VSCO app. (Dawn.. taken on our recent road trip across France) Ever since I won the mailchimp scholarship for a premium membership on Skillshare, I’ve been taking many classes here and working hard on food photography and styling, doing all my homework with each class. I […]

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I had a great time with this class on Still Life Photography and actually learnt quite a few tips and tricks, and so grateful for the Tych plugin in photoshop that made collages so much easier since I am still a complete novice and it takes forever to get work done on photoshop and Lightroom […]

chicken scrawlings juliana loh

via GIPHY Helloooo. I am still overeating and stuffing my face this festive as I spent the last few days cooking. My fridge and freezer is full of deliciousness and looks like I am eating at home for the next week or so! Grateful to finally have some down time to figure out how to […]

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I’ve had the luxury of no work travel over January but all that begins again this month and doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down since I’ve travels locked in till April. Still, I’m determined to keep this up. Moving here was tough and it took me a good two years to find my […]

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