Suan La Fen (酸辣粉): Sichuanese Noodles


We usually don’t head out of the office for lunch as we have this mystery man’s mobile number that we call for noodles delivery (notwithstanding militant lunch hour rules from the higher-ups). We’ve been told the name of his shop is 5m².

We’ve been really disappointed lately as he’s turned off his mobile phone for a week now and pray that the little shop hasn’t closed down! We regret never asking him where exactly is the shop.

Orders come in different levels of spiciness, and I’d recommend going for the low/mid-level spice. I was never a fan of the spicy numbing sensation of Sichuan peppers, but the taste of this modest noodle dish that comes in a paper cup, is out of this world—all for just RMB5.

I’m still trying to figure out what exactly goes into the gravy. I think it’s mostly chilli oil, MSG, Sichuan pepper and vinegar.

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