Najia Xiaoguan Beijing


Na Jia Xiao Guan 那家小馆 (永安里店) is now one of my favourite spots. I’ve heard so much about it in over two years since I go here, but only recently decided to give it ago. In a city filled with too many dining choices, this comes up pretty good. Ambience was intimate, service great and that crispy caramelised prawn dish is an absolute must order. I love it when prawns are so skillfully done you eat them entirely, head, tail and all. It reminded me of the crunchy cereal prawn my mother makes, only with a sticky-crispy texture, which was delightful in a different way.

All the other dishes were fantastic, from tofu cooked in crab roe, to a light stir-fry and delicate red bean desserts. The only little disappointment was the honey bbq ribs that had meat as tough as its bones– now that would have been perfect only if I was a hungry dog in search of a bone.



Jianguomenwai Yonganli Xinhua Baoxian Dasha (south side)
Tel:010-65673663, 65686553
电话: 010-65673663, 65686553

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