Braised Pork Belly With Red Dates @ Najia xiaoguan Beijing


Braised pork holds a dear place in my heart because it reminds me of many Sundays afternoons in my childhood where my mother would cook this dish served with steam fluffy white buns dotted with a red spot in the centre. My brothers and I would come back from swimming training at 10am and find these lovely pork buns at home for brunch. My mother’s recipe here

I’ve had many many dishes of hongshaorou (红烧肉)since living in Beijing for over 2.5 years, but I really like these Manchurian style ones. That cliche phrase of ‘melts in your mouth’ is perfectly apt as you savour every last bit of that lardy sensation. Wolf it down with fluffy steaming white rice and the ghost of the delicious taste of the lard lathered in sweet sauce and red dates flavour still lingers in your mouth. If you’re not used to having too much grease, it might feel like an instant heart attack– only a good one, one that leaves you going to the grave with immense satisfaction.

This dish is another must-order at Najiaxiaoguan that I blogged about earlier.

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