Travel: Luang Prabang from Kunming

Everything in the last week sort of happened in a blurr. I arrived in Kunming, Yunnan and flew out the very next day to Xishuangbanna, only to be greeted by yet more masses of tourists. Out of desperation (literally, wholeheartedly) for some peace and quiet from the hoards of Chinese tourist, I got on the earliest bus down south to get to the Laotian border and yet another arduous bus journey further south to Laung Prabang, which was completely worth the while.

I actually haven’t enjoyed silence and nature in such a long while. Some snippets of the trip before this gets queued in the ton of overdue blog entries.


The thing about not planning on trips is that you sometimes end up in the most depressing hole in the wall of a hotel… which is actually the fun part of it. Our first stop was a depressing hole alright, complete with lifts that change the carpets daily to remind you of your mundane existence.


And then in the taxi, I am greeted with this bizarre message. And no, the driver was far from cute.


The best breakfasts are usually found at the street stalls.


The bus to Laos filled with bullet holes.

Vintage cars outside 3 Nagas, a beautiful citroën and mercs which makes one nostalgic about the illustrious lifestyle of the bygone colonial days.
Alms giving at the crack of dawn.

I used to intensely dislike hiking, but I thoroughly enjoyed it this time, heading up to the top of the kuangsi waterfalls.

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