Beijing Weekend Wanderings: Ma Yansong's Hutong Bubble

I went for a walk in the hutongs today to find Ma Yanson’s famous Hutong Bubble project as his name has resurfaced recently about his new collaboration with Olafur Eliasson on Feelings are facts at the UCCA. I had meant to go this weekend, but will probably have to wait till next week or later.

The stainless steel structure was built in the hutongs to project what 2050 would look like and how we’d finally do without public toilets where you can smell from afar. This is a piece of Beijing’s best kept secret, I didn’t know it was build into Enoteca’s quaint little courtyard and then there’s Peng Hao’s theatre down the street that puts up improvised Shakespeare scripts with a “whose line is it any way” element as long as words are kept strictly to Shakespearean. I might pop by to see the show next week.




And a little piece of Guijie…


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