Beijing's First Farmer's Market this Saturday, May 22


So, we’re finally seeing more presence of the local farmers and I can’t wait to get my hands on those delicious local produce free from packaging.

I got these news updates form Yinghui Zhang-Carraro, a lovely lady who is active in the local organic community and a strong advocate on eating right locally. Here is a note on how they’ve selected the participants for Saturday’s Village Fair. Sounds like an exciting day ahead.

1. The farmers and producers must follow authentic organic farming practices, even if they are not necessarily certified by any organic certifying body in China, and no contract farming is involved.

Since I grew up in the city, I have no idea what exactly are authentic organic farming practices.. so I need to investigate and learn.

2. The food must taste great!

So for the Saturday fair, there will be lots to eat, buy and do. From vegetables, grains and flour to pork, fish honey and baby formula… probably addressing post melamine nightmare.


God’s Grace Garden (veggies, flour, eggs tofu and more) Fangjiayuan Farm (veggies, flour, eggs and more) DeRunWu (veggies and imported packaged foods, non-toxic cleaning
Phoenix Commune(transition to bio-dynamic, main products—yam)
Shanxi Hengrong (grains, herbal teas, walnuts, dried wild apricots and
Beyond Organic Foods Co., (organic wholesaler and retailer with its own farm) Greenyard Dairy (milk) Le Fromager de Pekin (soft cheeses made locally in the French style) Yellow Valley (hard cheeses made locally in the Dutch style) Vitale (pork) 365chi (fish) Beijing JSB (organic clothing, tea, stoneground flour and noodles) Shangrila Farms (coffee and honey and natural skin care products) Sun Moon Light (tea)
Deli Moon (vegetarian restaurant using as many organic and natural
ingredients as possible)
Biobaobao (German organic baby formula and organic clothing for
Alce Nero (organic Italian pastas, organic pasta sauces, organic extra virgin olive oil and organic apple cider vinegar)
Golden Woodpecker (recycled paper)

Map here:

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