All Work and No Play Kills My Soul

I’ve become so boring, I no longer have interesting things to say. I am eating at the same places and then I go home and collapse into an uneventful slumber without dreams. I decided to start (yet another new project) by documenting my meals in the staff canteen from today. It’s not half as exciting as Fabrica Mensa, but there must be some good behind the MSG-laden greasy food because all my colleagues who eat there on a daily basis do not put on weight regardless of seasons.

I think all that stir fry is somewhat healthier than the costlier options I choose eating out. Since I’m already losing so much hair living in China, I might as well continue with the MSG party and at least keep my weight in check. So, my new rule is that I will eat in the canteen at least 3 times a week—I will find interesting things to say about the mundane.

I am still living under a boulder of endless tasks and insufficient sleep and am way behind my Italian classes because I’m too tired to pay attention.

So, I’ve been going to one of Beijing’s few Kosher restaurants, biteapitta too often because they have great set lunches and it’s just a stone’s throw from the office. I am so boring and predictable I keep ordering the falafel set, which is fantastic, even if it looks a little limp and forgettable.

I’m off to Europe on Saturday and plan to be blogging on a daily basis of delicious envy-worthy meals, in between stuffing my face with cheeses, pastries and oh so fresh produce. I really miss civilisation, fresh air, fresh fruits and good quality things. And more importantly, I miss having a life.

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