Beijing Gungho Pizza -12" of Hot Satisfaction

Happy to report that despite the provocative tagline, Beijing’s latest pizza joint is more than just hot air. Gong Ho pizza is the brainchild of Kiwis Jade and John, delivering quality pizzas, pastas and salads in the neighbourhood.

I forgot to save the draft I wrote yesterday while desperately trying to stay awake for the football match, so this entry is a lot shorter than I intended. We tried an interesting and innovative range of pizzas that deserve all our love. Ordering 7 out of the 10 pizzas listed on the menu—thin crusted margherita, simplicity at its best, a fantastic combination of smoked pork + mushroom, baby squid (so-so), chicken + camembert with blackcurrent toppings (not my favourite) and the winning combination of spinach pesto, smoked tofu (courtesy of jingkelong supermarket) and goat cheese that left a ghost of smokey flavour in my mouth. I could do with more mozzarella topping for more chewy gooey goodness.


pizza beijing

gungho pizza beijing

I’m not a fan of pepperoni pizza, but they do a good one here—remember to ask for lots of chilli flakes when you place your order for delivery.

In a land where bread is either sweet or taste like cardboard, they got the dough right here. The thin crust is available in white or whole wheat dough. I would stick with the white.

Here’s the scoop, Gung Ho pizza is doing a 1 for 1 deal through the end of July. Look out for the hot pink t- shirt crew and their hot pink delivery bicycle bringing you the 12″ of hot satisfaction. These pizzas rival my favourite joint La pizza, only better, because they deliver on those days when you really just want to sloth around the house in your pjyamas.

Gung Ho Pizza
101 Building 3 China View (Hong Jie- hooters building)
Gongti East Road, Beijing
Tel: 8587 1404/1470


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