Singapore (oily treats) Home Part 1

Following my dental check up at long time friend Dr Yellowskeeeen’s, we got chatting about food blogs, the unforgettable pumpkin pie from 2004/5 and I realised how far behind I was with my blog. I’ve been eating alot, reading and spending the rest of the time trying to orientate myself given my non-existent sense of direction. Everything is so hip, bourgeois and high tech here, I feel like I’ve been living under a rock. The other day, I caught myself reading the Chinese ads on the MRT and looking for directions in Chinese characters… if anything, I suppose I am on my way to becoming effectively bilingual after all these years.


I got home at 6am after a red eye flight and found my mother in the kitchen deep frying chicken wings for the nasi lemak she had prepared with home-made sambal belachan served in endearingly mismatched tableware alongside a pot of nonya chicken curry. That’s the signature of eating at home with no guests, where everything is put together casually, but lovingly—exactly how I grew up without fuss, order or precision. And my mother doesn’t have exact recipes either because everything is about feeling and taste, trial and error.

Char Siew, Siew yoke and steamed egg of a custard texture in the background next to a bowl of tofu cooked in fermented bean sauce (one of my faves)


chicken satay to bathe in a thick, sweet and spicy peanut sauce

I’m abit bummed about the poor photos I’ve taken so far and am working harder on the photos to come.

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