Singapore Home (oily treats) Home Part 2


First day back at work and desperately trying to catch up with blog entries from spending a hectic week back home.

This time, I hung out in the kitchen to relive the old days with my mother. We made Ngoh Hiang (5 spices in Teochew dialect but somewhat a feature in Peranakan households), first steamed and then deep fried.

500g minced pork
bean curd skin
carrots (grated)
diced water chestnuts
five spices powder
shaoxing rice wine
oyster sauce
corn flour
cream cracker crusty bits (for texture)

season the minced pork with oyster sauce, shaoxing rice wine, salt, pepper, a sprinkle of corn flour. throw in the grated carrots and diced chestnuts to marinate overnight.

Then carefully spread them on a sheet on bean curd skin and roll them up. My mother’s rule is to steam the rolls in a steamer pot until you smell the fragrant spices. Turn off the fire, allow the rolls to cool before deep frying. Keep the rest in the fridge and deep fry the rolls when you next want to indulge.



And the final result after steaming the roll, you deep fry it and slice it up into bite size, ready to serve!

For brief moments, I was fending off my drooling dog as I was pounding biscuits in the motar on the floor.

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