Frank Gehry @ Sanlitun Village North Beijing 2010

A belated post before my mad scramble for India and when there was internet with VPN.


This exhibit is very well curated, showcasing an amazing collection of all Gehry’s works to date, including the newly commissioned Swire project in Hong Kong. 12 “limited edition” residential towers will be designed and built on 53 Stubbs Road, on the Peak. This is Gehry’s first project in Greater China and the comprehensive exhibition follows Gehry through the span of his illustrious career over the decades, from chicken scrawling sketches, to 3D models of different materials for different phases of construction and the final product.

The exhibition takes one through the raw thought process, the hands on work set against the backdrop of the final monumental structures. There are videos, projections, intricate 3D models as well as lamps and furniture that Gehry designed.

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

Opening this Sunday Oct 17, 2010, through November 30 2010
Sanlitun Village Beijing

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