Robuchon à Galera @ Hotel Lisboa Macau 3 Michelin *

The wine list here reads like a yellow pages directory and you order directly from the ipad where everything is nicely categorised for easy browsing.

While old school opulence and grandeur décor isn’t my thing, the food and wines more than make up for those velvet red curtains with golden tassels and baroque furniture with the Chinese nouveau riche sitting on them dressed in them expensive tennis shoes, decked out in designer labels. I actually kind of liked that random juxtaposition. It reminds me of the Indonesian Chinese taitais of the 1990s with their big coiffeured hair and plenty of bling.

So we went with 4 courses for lunch.



Faultless foie gras. I feel a little less guilty about the force feeding dilemma as I was told it is a natural phenomenon that geese do that to themselves to fly over long distances without stopping to eat for days. I refuse to go into the whole debate because I am unlikely to become vegetarian nor give up wearing leather boots and carrying leather bags. I’ll leave that to the hypocrites and extremists.
Absolutely creamy foie gras with a side of plum and figs.


Slow cooked Japanese egg sitting in a foam which I forget, another Proustian flashback of wonderful memories eating perfectly half boiled eggs at Singaporean breakfasts. My Father makes the best ones with eggs from our own little kampong hens we had running around our garden. Everyone of them laid an egg daily in the flower pots. I remember those eggs tasted like real eggs, not the watered down version of eggs we buy in the supermarket today.
A bonus dish sent by the chef, porcini mushrooms with truffles on a crisp.

A lovely seafood bisque that tasted like all the crustaceans of the sea distilled in a bowl, with flavours that linger subtly after.

Slow cooked cod with soy beans.
Slow cooked quail stuffed with foie gras…I would need hours to compose this entry to find the right adjectives to describe the retro olfactory experience of every single course. And I am way too tired for a long blog entry with a gazillion things to do.

Dessert trolley. Evidently, I was eyeing the millefeuille from the start. An absolute must to try from the trolley no matter how full your belly.

millefeuille, creme caramel, rhubarb and mascarpone and a coffee pastry thing.
I could have this for breakfast everyday.

Best enjoyed with a loved one and don’t forget to book in advance. ♥
robuchon a galera
Hotel Lisboa, Macau
3/F, Lisboa Tower

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