Revisiting Old Favourites: Tori Tei beijing


I haven’t been to my favourite Yakitori place in ages, but it always hits the spot. This time, the little hole in the wall was full, so I ventured next door to the sister noodle bar, which was fantastic! Regretfully, we didn’t order as much from the grill as we weren’t ravenously hungry. Instead of asparagus wrapped in bacon, we went with the straw mushrooms option and of course the signature grilled chicken thigh—crispy skin and flavoursome juicy meat as always and a bowl of miso noodle soup. The potato salad and tofu salads are good starters as are the range of grilled vegetables. I wouldn’t recommend the crispy rice cakes stuffed with salmon and tuna as it’s more rice than filling and a little bland.


Don’t forget to go next door for the noodles, or better yet sit in the noodle restaurant and order yakitori from there, so you won’t leave smelling like grilled chicken and all that grease in your hair. Nothing annoys me more than having my long hair smell like fried noodles.

鸟亭 Tori Tei (it’s in the middle of a tiny tiny street and not all taxi drivers can find it. Best to call)
xinyuanli zhongjie number 8
Tel: 6461-4513, 136-8153-7998

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