Canteen Diary 20110104/20110106/20110107

My first few canteen meals of 2011, during the first week back at work. I’m attempting to go easier on my carbs these days even though I love all forms of carbs. It doesn’t help that it’s freezing outside with subzero temperatures and I’m constantly hungry, but they all say your metabolism starts slowing down once you hit 30.


Very salty braised pork belly with hard and dry tofu, bean sprouts with leek, side of salty MSG eggplant, potatoes and spicy sichuan peppers.

Overall satisfaction:3/10


cold tofu, carrots and celery dish to start, stir fried greens and potatoes—as usual too salty and my favourite eggs and tomatoes dish.

Overall satisfaction:6/10


Black pepper pork with onions and peppers, mushrooms and stir fried greens and pumpkin mush. A great mix of flavours—sweet, spicy, savory.

Overall satisfaction:5/10


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