Support Japan by Dining out Japanese: Sushi Kuu

The Japanese restaurants suffered greatly after the massive quake and radiation scares, but it seems to have picked up a little the last three weeks. We went to Sushi Kuu, a favourite of my visiting ex-flatmate, Sam. M ordered on behalf of the table and here’s all the good stuff.
lean pork salad with lots of delicious crisp fried garlic slices and zesty flavours courtesy of the drizzled lime juice from sliced limes that came with the dish.

A mixed bowl of lots of things, haven’t had anything like this in a Japanese restaurant. Thumbs up for the mix.
A crispy pork cutlet served on a hot plate with raw egg.


salmon in a wonderful savory sauce wrapped in fresh leaves (I forget the name of the leaves) that was rich and refreshing at once.
Grilled teriyaki chicken. YUM. Still curious about that magenta coloured spring onion look alike. I ate one, but I still can’t put an identity on it. Anyone know what that is?

Sushi Kuu
1/F, Wellington Place, 2-8 Wellington Street, Central
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2971 0180


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