Feasting on The East Side, Hong Kong


I work right next door and don’t dine here enough given that we get a discount. Some dishes from the lunch set!

Deep-fried seabass in a tomato sauce, hot crisp and tangy. For anyone that likes a sweet and sour dish, and fish that is done just right and tender under the crispy skin, not mercilessly overcooked.
Chicken tikka with a side of nan
A pretty good Hainanese Chicken rice, outside of Singapore!
Indian chicken curry—stay tuned for a mid week Bombay nights promotion every Wednesday. I’m looking forward to try the other variations of curries, this one was surprisingly a little sweeter than what I’m used to.

It was the desserts really, that stole our hearts. Some new desserts on the menu, banana strudel and apple crumble in bite size portions.

From the dessert buffet, perfect for gluttons who like to overeat. :D

Another tip, the cream of mushroom is excellent, so if you’re in the mood for lots of cream and the comfort of soup, order that.

FEAST (Food by EAST)
Monday- Sunday 630am-11pm
29 Taikoo Shing Road
Island East Hong Kong
+852 3968 3777

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