Heart to Heart Singapore For the Poor and Hungry

This video brought me to tears when I saw it and I felt bad about my guilty pleasures. I was reading about the difference between being sad and guilty of my indulgences and actually feeling compassion for the less fortunate. So it’s sympathy and compassion that I’m feeling, rather than converting them into negative thoughts like guilt and sadness.

Singapore’s 113 year old Teresa Hsu is our very own version of a selfless Mother Theresa. Even the 50+ cats in my neighbourhood get fed and brought to the vet to spay by my mother, courtesy of the monthly allowances I send home. Nobody should go hungry and watching the video made me feel like donating to the cause because I can, because I am privileged and so incredibly lucky for all the different experiences in my life.

I am eternally grateful for being able bodied to work 16 hour shifts at Hooters, at times juggling 6 jobs through uni, surviving on a meal a day so I could afford my university textbooks, which was an experience instrumental to how I’ve morphed into this new-age positive person.

I get random emails from Singaporeans asking me how I manage to move countries and continents so easily and how to find a job etc. Well, actually I don’t know. I spent a large part of my life willing myself to leave Singapore (when I was young, angsty and miserable) and once I managed the first hurdle, I just never looked back. Opportunities just keep coming and I kept moving. I am so thankful for the travel, the food, the people I meet and I wish that every hardworking, tired, disheartened person will enjoy the fruits of their labour as they persevere.

Thank you Teresa Hsu for reminding me about the less fortunate and how a change in positive mindset and generosity makes the world a better place.

Details here if you’d like to make a donation whether in monetary contributions or donating food supplies.
A list of what they need monthly is here.

Please don’t be evil and donate expired food stuff.

Someone should think about getting a CSR initiative going with one of the big supermarket chains. Well, actually I’ll write them a proposal, since talk is cheap, right? :)

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