Amber Hong Kong, Landmark (2*)

Chef and I have our monthly date where we go to some place nice to try new things and get inspired (well, chef does and I’m just greedy). The food at two-starred Amber met all our expectations–my first and chef’s 3rd of 4th visit, The service unfortunately didn’t live up to its standards as I didn’t understand a thing our mumbling server repeated several times in gibberish. Oh well, should have studied the menu more carefully, however knowing the stories and process of how my food arrived at the table–an anecdote or fact, would have been very nice.

One of the signature amuse-bouche dishes, caramelised duck foie gras. Nice touch having them on lolly sticks.

I went with the wine set lunch sans the wine as we ordered our own bottle and chef, naturally went with the most expensive (best) things on the menu.

A beautiful sea urchin from Brittany in lobster jell-o with cauliflower topped with caviar. Decadently rich, so the modest portion is rightfully so.


My starter was alot less eventful, a crab with creme fraiche, cucumber, green apples and avocado, delightfully light and fresh nonetheless.

Chef went with the Poularde de bresse with truffles, slow cooked in a steamer served with potato mousseline, cep mushroom and albufera emulsion which gave it an odd squishy texture. Prefer it done the usual way in the oven.


Had an organic egg with truffles middle course before moving on to a Tasmanian salmon main. Everything was perfectly executed with sophisticated layers of flavours and textures.


And then the cheese chariot is always the highlight of my meals.



Little portions of desserts, raspberries and guanaja chocolate with coffee ice cream. YUM.



Petit fours were not so pretty nor inspiring, but it came in a beautiful Christofle tin container that swirled about. Tres cool.

Oh and the good news is that they will be open for dinner on Sundays, starting from September.

15 Queen’s Road, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental,
The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2132 0066


  1. alex
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 02:26:25

    Hey! My buddy Paul is like the sous/head chef there, he’d love to see this article, do you mind if i send it to him?
    I dont really like his restaurant food (a bit too strange for my simple tastebuds) but give that bad boy 2.5kgs of prime rib, a plate of roasted parsnips, yorkshire pudding (with real gravy!) and its like heaven on a plate!


  2. dario
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 02:39:33

    food there is great. I also like this chicken on the roasted way, but the poached way is normal. specialy in Lyon. classic dish.
    very good food in Amber. Wine list, a bit over price (like every mandarin oriental). below 1000 HK doll, you don’t really have good value for money.


  3. baobabs
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 02:42:34

    @alex sure! yes you mentioned your good friend is married to a chef and they moved with their kid last year.

    @ dario no squishy poularde for me in lyon then :) good plan to build your little cellar!


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