Hong Kong Bites: Temple Street Da Pai Dongs

It’s been a very rough week on the personal front, coupled with the daily stress at work. I hadn’t eaten in days and had to deal with recurrent bad gastric pains. I think I’m starting to get back on track. As they say you need to hit rock bottom before it gets better. Per aspera ad astra

My friend WR, one of China’s top food writers and my then Beijing eating partner came to visit just for 2 days and we went hunting for good street food on Temple Street. We started with chicken innards porridge, it was full of all that internal stuff, except for chicken meat. Chewy, crunchy with plenty of texture, which what the Chinese call 口感,translating to mouth feel. Then we also had crunchy slithery fish skin with lots of spring onions and various vegetables from the Allium family. Not my favourite, but I appreciate the layers of texture, it’s kind of strange, like eating cartilage, doesn’t feel like fish skin.

tripe congee

fish skin

These oyster omelettes were delightfully crispy, as they used self raising flour for batter, which makes it alot more oily, but it tastes fantastic when eaten hot. I have to say I prefer these to the ones in Singapore where omelette is more wet and texture mushy. The teochew restaurants here serve it without the batter, but the egg is fried till it has crispy edges.
fried oysters

I used to eat these shellfish as a kid, but I forget the Malay/Cantonese name as WR ordered in Mandarin.
gong gong

temple street crabs

Some pretty good black pepper crab as well. It was 150HKD per crab.

I’m definitely going back for those crispy oyster omelette if anything.

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