Top 10 Food Films


1. Eat, Drink, Man, Woman
2. Babette’s Feast
3. Mostly Martha
4. Big Night
5. Estomango – crazy film, love the twist in plot and won’t give it away. Highly recommend it
6. Tampopo – my all time favourite, film on ramen, how can u go wrong
7. 9 1/2 weeks – who could forget that sexy blind fold scene by the fridge.
8. Jiro dreams of sushi
9. King of Pastry — the MOF medal, trials and tribulations of becoming an amazing pastry chef
10. Scent of Green papaya — a scene on how that salad we all love is made.

These are in no particular order and there are definitely so many more films with great food scenes.

Image of Tampopo screen grab via here


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