Travel: Hong Kong

This week, I spent my first guilt free Hong Kong weekend since moving here 7 months ago. I didn’t have to feel guilty about having to be somewhere else and actually, it feels kind of nice to start settling into a place and making new friends. I settled into Treviso and Beijing, but I never got the chance to do this in Hong Kong, and am grateful for the opportunity to start fully enjoying the city now.

I grew to like being somewhere else, I will miss it. I had made it exciting and fulfilling for myself and there were still lots of things I wanted to discover. Now that I am free from thankless domestic chores, I can finally begin my life in Hong Kong proper, although 7 months late.

So, Tuesday was Mid-Autumn Festival day and a public holiday. I went to Cheung Chau Island and spent two hours cycling around. Was a nice way to spend the day even though I could have done with some company to eat all that seafood. Sure, it wasn’t Formentera, but it was nice going some place new.

cheng chau hk

hong kong cheng chau island provisions

hongkong cheng chau island

Most nights I go running along the harbour and remind myself how lucky I am.

I think I’m really going to love Hong Kong.

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