Seafood Yum: Lamma Island Hong Kong

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After many visits to Hong Kong and then moving here 7 months ago, I finally made my way to Lamma Island over one of the weekends. All this island hiking and walking is great, I love it.

Plenty of seafood. This scampi tasted pretty good with the crisp fried garlic, the Chinese name is “peeing prawn” 赖尿虾 or the literal translation “pi pi” prawn 皮皮虾。It’s always a little odd using a scissors to snip through the hard exterior. In Qingdao I remember having them steamed, the ones done this way taste way better.

scampi lamma island

On our hike to the other side, we found the legendary soya bean curd dessert 豆腐花 served with ginger syrup, it’s pretty close to the famous pigeon restaurant on the island. Definitely would like to come back and try the pigeon next time.
hk seafood

Then on our way to the other side at sok ku wan, we found Herboland that serves organic herbal teas, they’ve also got a herb garden where you can buy seeds or potted plants.
lamma island beancurd

Random, but there’s even an Amélie Poulain gnome.

garden gnome

deli lamma

herboland lamma island hk

We took our own sweet time getting onto the other side, we missed our ferry back. Instead of waiting another 2 hours for the next one, we sat down for a beer at Rainbow restaurant that run private services back to Central Pier. No minimum spend, as long as you order something. The calamari was salty, crispy and perfectly greasily delicious. Garlic scallops with glass noodles overcooked and small, but everything came together nicely with textures and flavours.


scallops and glass noodles

hk lamma island

Stunning views of Lamma island, and beautiful sunset (I did not edit the photo at all) taken on our private boat back to HK Island.

hong kong sunset


Getting there:
Leave from Central Pier 4 to arrive at Yung Shue Wan hiking over to the other side Sok Kwu Wan, have dinner at Rainbow’s and take a private boat back. Makes sense to also just head over for dinner and back on Rainbow’s chartered boats.

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  1. Khwanchai
    Feb 19, 2016 @ 17:44:38

    Hi Sue –Yeah, I usually try to show Hong Kong (or a place I got much out of vainniotcag at) to good effect for Photo Hunt. Not sure I managed that this week but… ah well, I tried!Hi Annie –Have visited North Carolina but didn’t see orange soil there — “only’ wonderful places like The Outer Banks. :)Hi Carver –Thanks and happy weekend to you too. :)Hi srp –Germany had its color (cf. my entry for last week’s Photo Hunt). Just not much orange, it seemed! ;DHi marta –Don’t think it’s too bad. At least, my clothes haven’t been stained too badly — at least not much that the miracle that is Shout gel stain remover can’t deal with! :b


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