Beijing Sichuanese: Ermei Restaurant

The chatter on weibo 微博,twitter’s Chinese counterpart says that this restaurant does the best gongbao chicken 宫保鸡丁 in the city. While it was a well executed dish, this restaurant actually caters more to the Northern palates, adapting famous Sichuan dishes to make them more accessible. It probably wasn’t the best I’ve had, but was pretty good—generous servings of peanuts, cashew nuts for the lovely crunch, the sauce thick and sweet with the right amount of corn starch to stick, hint of rice wine, sprinkle of spring onions. It was just a pity there was no sign of any spice or Sichuan peper tongue numbing sensations.

gongbao chicken

Another classic Sichuan dish is Mapo tofu which over the years several styles of cooking the dish has emerged, Ermei restaurant 峨嵋酒家does a pretty good spicy one, great drizzling the gravy over a bowl of fluffy steamed rice.


Sesame pancakes 芝麻饼, a nice savory variation from the typical pancakes stuffed with minced meat.


Disappointing dandan mian, neither spicy nor robust in flavours. boo
dandan noodles

And a delicious spicy fish done Sichuan style
spicy fish sichuan style

Ermei restaurant 峨嵋酒家
Di’an men wai dajie No. 155
Beijing Xicheng District
Tel: +8610 64043097

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