Hong Kong Lantau Island

Haven’t had much time or energy to catch up with the blog as I’ve been overwhelmed by work, and am so exhausted when I get home, I can’t bear looking at another illuminated screen to update my own social channels. boo.

The weather has cooled down and it’s been great for rooftop BBQs. I’ve done quite abit of wandering and eating and now actually know Hong Kong much better, so I can take friends out when they visit!

Spent a nice full day on Lantau.
hk lantau island big buddha

hong kong lantau island

hong kong lamma island

H&J organised a BBQ and we even had abalone!

H had tweeted for help on how to cook the abalone and I arrived to enjoy the fruits of great experiments with condiments. Personally I like it best with butter and garlic or butter and lemon juice!

abalone bbq

BBQ hk

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