Hong Kong Frugal Bites: Shek Tong Tsui Food Centre

Growing up in a country full of amazing food in hawker centres, I’m now hooked on my new adventures to eat in the food centres all over Hong Kong. That would balance out all that fine dining gluttony I’ve been up to.

I chanced upon this food centre while exploring the neighbourhood, it’s a wet market downstairs and a food centre with lots of great Chinese eateries upstairs. A and I went with the only Thai spot, which was a great choice nonetheless!

This is one of the best pomelo salads I’ve had in a while. Kaen Koon does this with a dash of coconut milk to the mix with lots of crispy fried shallots with zingy flavours of lime juice. So yum. The coconut milk really brought this up a level to balance out the spicyness. They also put roasted peanuts in this salad which did wonders for extra layers of texture!

pomelo salad thai food

Not the best Pad Thai I’ve had, ground peanuts were missing :( as well as lots of spring onions, otherwise, a little sweet but still good. I wish I could cook it at home, too much work in a tiny kitchenette doesn’t allow for it.

Nice and spicy green curry. I liked that it didn’t use those bitter little green aubergines, and used the plum round purple ones instead.
green curry

We both had Thai milk tea, total cost for two HKD140!

Am definitely going back to try the various versions of steamed fish that gets served cooking over a flame.

We greedily ate at 530pm, so it was empty. By the time we left at 7pm, it was packed!

shek tong tsui thai food

shek tong tsui hong kong

Kaen Koon Thai
Shop CF9, 2/F, Shek Tong Tsui Municipal Services Building,
Western District
Tel: +852 2559 1686

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