Dad's 70th Feast Part II @ Cocotte Singapore

Chef and I took my parents out to dinner for my dad’s 70th. Instead of always going to Chinese restaurants, I suggested a change in the trendy Wanderlust Hotel.

cocotte singapore restaurant

Cocotte is a tastefully done urban chic resturant with a simple menu (although the way the structure of the wine list is a little dubious, with some wines categorised in the wrong region). The food however is simple, straightforward and good. Love the little creuset pots printer on the coasters and the choice of courrier font for the menu, and how utensils come in rustic metal flower pots. It’s the little details that count.

Escargots to start, refreshing way to have them and they were done well.
cocotte singapore escargots and choux

Mussels in apple cider cream sauce, loved this one, the cider balanced out the heavy cream, light and if a little too diluted. Either way, it’s a delicious hot bath for freshly baked bread/
cocotte singapore mussels


The beef tartare was.. disappointing. Quality was so so and terribly under-seasoned.

singapore beef tartare

Best choice we made that night, ordering the roast chicken. Although that took 40 mins or so, it was perfectly slow-cooked retaining all its juices and flavours. A great portion for 2-3.
cocotte singapore roast chicken

Ordered the dessert platter as a small birthday cake surprise. They need to do alot more work in the dessert department, none of them were outstanding and it’s one of those desserts you eat for the sake of it, hardly enjoyable at all. It’s a waste of calories, I say. Don’t order the desserts!
cocotte singapore birthday cake

Taxi drivers don’t seem to know where it is. Tell them Hotel 81 Dickson road and they know exactly where it is. Wanderlust Hotel is just directly opposite.

No. 2 Dickson Road
Singapore 209494
+65 6298 1188


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