Hong Kong Frugal Bites: Crispy Garlic Chicken @ Happy Valley Cooked Food Centre

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Miss Normality has joined me in my adventures to find good hawker food around the city. This time, we went to her ‘hood. There were only 2 Chinese restaurants to pick from and they auntie wait staff were so overwhelmingly aggressive, it got stressful. We hastily sat down at the nearest table—you choose either the pink or red table clothed tables (well plastic), each belonging to the rivalry restaurant. Menus are in English with beautiful glossy photos… which for me serves as a warning sign of its authenticity. Yet, my colleague LY who also lives in the valley says the cooked food centre is pretty good.

The food was good, but not at the level of fabulous hawker food I was expecting. This garlic chicken dish however was really good—not to greasy, tender and not fatty chicken, the crushed fried garlic adding a delicious layer of crunch and flavour. We should gather a larger group of friends the next time so we can order lots more.

hong kong tung po garlic chicken

Happy Valley Cooked Food Centre
Wong Nai Chung Bldg, 2 Yuk San Street
Hong Kong


  1. MissNormality
    Dec 04, 2011 @ 20:32:49

    That chicken was YUM to the max! Except I’d have rather they deboned it because I can be a squeamish diva sometimes. Here’s to more frugal eats with you, SHA! x


  2. baobabs
    Dec 04, 2011 @ 23:20:05

    yes SHA! we shall 1) go back with a larger group so can order more and not panic – looks like hotpot is good option. even dangerous finger pointing auntie who nearly poked your eye was eating hotpot.

    2) we must go to the kennedy town food centre!!! i will take you!


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