Hong Kong Frugal Bites: ABC Kitchen

ABC Kitchen is located in the Sheung Wan cooked food centre, this little eatery with its simple name serves up great quality stuff on checkered table cloths for a song. And if you’re one for immersing yourself in local culture and an ambience, this is a good place to start. The chef used to helm the kitchen of M on the fringe, so somewhat classic dishes like roast suckling pig, beef wellington and lamb chops are well executed and the pacing between the dishes perfect, without having to wait too long for the next.

You start with bread, the soft local confectionary stuff, not worth the calories, but edible if you’re ravenous and waiting for your starters.

Love how they inverted an illy tin and made it a money tin. So local, so hawker centre-esque, only classier with an illy tin as opposed to milo tin.
ABC kitchen hong kong cooked food market

We ordered a couple of dishes to share, the gnocchi was simple, great.
ABC kitchen gnocchi hong kong

Our lamb, beef and pork all done with loving skill. It’s nothing to write home about but it’s simple, wholesome and delicious with fair price tags.
lamb chops ABC kitchen hong kong

ABC kitchen hong kong suckling pig

Things we didn’t particularly enjoy was a borsch soup with overpowering flavours of beet (it was pretty much beet, wonder where the beef went?) and the salmon trio, that was overcooked and done 3 ways, gravalax, poached served with a messy turban of fish roe and the last fried with crispy things. They just didn’t go together. I see the creative inspiration, but I don’t think it worked well at all. I would stick with the simple classics.

salmon trio ABC kitchen hong kong

Unfortunately the giant chocolate soufle collapsed my expectations of wrapping up a nice meal. It was bland and uneventful. We wanted to go with the “delicious lemon tart” how could anyone not order anything with delicious as an adjective on the menu? It was sold out, so I’m definitely ordering that in advance the next time I head here. It’s been a while but if memory serves me right, we paid about 220-250HKD/pax

soufflé ABC kitchen hong kong

ABC Kitchen
Shop CF7, Food Market, 1 Queen Street
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 9278 8227

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