Hong Kong Halal bites: Warung Milang

I got a random email one day and got sent a traveling spork to go eating for the blog. I thought to do something different by checking out a halal restaurant in pork heavy Hong Kong cuisine. F who is muslim and strict about halal food was in town from his SQ stopover flight, so we took the spork out! Warung Milang was recommended by a Javanese friend, and it was as good as we can get in Hong Kong I reckon as there aren’t really that many authentic Indonesian, Malaysian places.


The Indonesian version of vegetable tempura, fried in batter and fried soy beans

Nasi Goreng, fried rice served with sambal belachan and prawn crackers
warung milang hk nasi goreng
These fish cakes were a little weird soaking in a sweet soy sauce.
fish cakes halal

Ayam goreng (fried chicken). a very lean and muscular village chicken.
warung milang hk ayam goreng

Our chicken satay was a litlte burn, but it was nicely marinated and very lean, the yin yang sweet black sauce with chillies was more Chinese sauce than malay and the peanut sauce would have been nicer thicker, but still pretty yum.
warung milang hk satay

Warung Milang
2nd floor Flat B-2, 9-11 Penington Street
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 29157859
warung milang hk sauce

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