Hong Kong Tai Hang bites: Daruma Ramen & Le Goût

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daruma ramen taihang hk

Some people say it’s one of the best ramen in Hong Kong and people queue for ages just to get a seat in the tiny ramen house that seats no more than 20. I think as with many spots in Hong Kong, Daruma is over rated.

The noodles were pretty good, broth rich and tasty, and each bowl is garnished with traditional ramen accessories including spring onions, seaweed and a slice of tasty fatty pork, I was greedy and ordered extra spring onions and bamboo shoots. The egg preparation at any ramen joint is like a litmus test and here, unfortunately everyone is only served half a stewed egg and mine was overcooked bordering on hardboiled.

I was looking forward to a semi runny soft yolk to partner with my spoonfuls of rich noodle soup. As with all noodles, slurp up and don’t let the noodles sit otherwise they get soggy.

I would say that the ramen here is good, but it’s over rated and not worth queuing for hours just for a piping hot bowl. Sure, if you’re in the vicinity and arrive before 12noon, by all means queue before they open and the wait is really about 10-15 minutes. I’d say it isn’t worth the peak lunch hour queue.

Our order fried gyoza was okay, clearly the calamari stole the show.
daruma gyoza taihang hk

daruma taihang

We finished up with a millefeuille from le goût, always my preferred option in Tai Hang.

le gout taihang hong kong

Shop E, G/F, Ming Sun Building,
92, Tung Lo Wan Road, Tai Hang
(you can’t book a table anyway, so no need for a number!)

Le-Goût. Shop C, G/F No.8. Sun Chun Street, Tai Hang, Hong Kong.
+(852) 2805 6622.


  1. Alex
    Feb 20, 2012 @ 17:54:12

    I totally know what you mean, i tried Ippudo in sg and was completely underwhelmed, this despite my going with the guy who convinced them to open in sg. Bland and lukewarm. But in great news, we found this! (http://www.cityweekend.com.cn/beijing/articles/blogs-beijing/the-dish-bj/invincible-ramen-the-best-ramen-noodle-shop-that-i-never-should-have-mentioned/) and i’ve not been able to keep away! amazingly great and good value too!


  2. baobabs
    Feb 20, 2012 @ 19:26:33

    whoop!!!! would love to have a go!!! i’m back in Beijing for work next month – i’ll bbm and call – still on the same Beijing no! now you can take me on a food crawl that is agreeable with Viv of course! :)


  3. Alex
    Feb 24, 2012 @ 20:36:35

    totally! we’ve recently discovered 口福居 , a most excellent hot pot spot as well! Also, Viv’s been thinking about having 炒干 a lot as well! same number, email and BBM!


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