Colibri Beijing Sanlitun: Cupcakes, Macaroons & Cannelloni

Didn’t have much time to go exploring what’s new in the city so I took comfort in what was good and in the vicinity. I’ve been an instagram addict since its inception and am quite surprised how well some photos turned out on my old 3GS full of cracks and hangs all the time. I’m definitely one of the least tech savvy social media people out there. Well, a new iphone or an ipad or a meal at Robuchon? It’s a no brainer for the latter! Unless I get some ridiculous raise to get with the cool tech programme.

Watching the chef make macaroons, not La Durée or Pierre Hérme, but edible, nice and enjoyable. They also make batches fresh everyday, great to get them on the go for gifts so you don’t turn up empty handed at a friend’s place.
colibri macaroons beijing

New items on the menu, chicken cannelloni, good (heavy) stuff, pasta sheet cooked al dente although the filling could do with more cheese :)
colibri beijing cannoli

Pesto penne pasta, interesting combination of ruccola and salami. Too many things going on for a simple pasta, but well, decent. Not my preferred choice, although it seems to be a hot favourite with the Chinese diners.
colibri beijing duck rice

Slow cooked duck leg with rice, very Asian, very nice.

The Village North, Level LG 51, 11 Sanlitun Road,

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