Hong Kong bites: Otto e Mezzo Bombana

If I could afford to come here a few times a week, I would. It’s one of our favourite restaurants for simple, luxurious good food and the personable service that goes seamlessly with the food for that dining experience.

We usually leave it up to the chef and do tasting portions so we could try more.

Amuse bouche of octopus lightly seasoned with olive oil, sea salt and lemon juice dressing the flavour and texture.
otto e mezzo amuse bouche

otto e mezzo pasta

A delicious cavatelli pasta from the Puglia region in a rich seafood broth and topped with a sea urchin so good we clean our plates with bread.

otto e mezzo ravioli
Two delish pillows of freshly made burrata ravioli left us wanting more.

We lucked out as chef Bombana sent a surprise dish of dark chocolate peppered rigatoni over, part of that evening’s tasting experiments in the kitchen—a heady mix of spicy, bitter, savory on perfectly al dente pasta.

risotto otto e mezzo
Creamy white asparagus risotto topped with morels, full flavours of the goodness of the earth.

otto e mezzo lobster
Lobster main for me, and duck for chef.

Malaga wild strawberries on pastry puff for dessert alongside a panna cotta. We ate lots, but didn’t feel awfully heavy. Thankfully for small tasting portions.
otto e mezzo malaga strawberry dessert

And huge thanks to Daniello for that amazing bottle of Solaia
solaia wine

Otto e Mezzo
Shop 202, 2/F,
Alexandra House, Central,
Tel: +852 2537 8859


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