Singapore bites: Eunos MRT Bak Kut Teh

Catching up on lots of old posts. My parent wanted to try this new spot near our place, and it turned out to be pretty good. It’s one of those random eateries beside a mechanic shop, which reminded me of my childhood days when our family would follow my dad up to Johore where he had work meetings and we’d always go to this dingy kway teow soup place next to a huge mechanic’s garage. Every bowl of soup was cooked over a charcoal stove, like this one. The same way my mother slow cooks the Cantonese soups for us.

singapore bakkutteh

Richly peppered soup with the comforting herbal after taste that lingers on the palate. Perfect comfort food for rainy days.
singapore eunos bak kut teh

singapore bakkutteh meesua

First time I had bak kut teh with mee sua the rice flour Chinese equivalent of vermicelli together with pig’s kidney and liver cooked a delicious medium rare-one of my favourite indulgences that my mother also used to make very often for breakfast.

Bean curd skin in a sweet soy sauce based broth mixed in with some bak kut teh soup.
singapore bak kut teh

We were surprised to find steam fish on the menu at this joint so we ordered it out of curiosity and it was fresh and very well done.

I definitely recommend this little gem if you’re having a bak kut teh craving. The three of us overordered and finished our food as usual and the bill came up to just under 50SGD, the fish was the bulk of the cost at 30SGD if I remember right.

307 Changi Road

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