Hong Kong bites: 3* Lung King Heen Haute Cantonese

Our foodie friends who used to live in Shanghai moved to Jakarta over 6 months ago and had massive pork cravings since it was impossible to get their fix in Indonesia. We ordered with a pork focus in mind.

Perfectly executed pork dishes-delicate, flavourful and light-the hallmark of Cantonese cuisine.

lung king heen charsiu
Charsiu, delightfully lean, tender and tasty.

They recommended this over roast pork-this suckling pig was definitely the better choice, eaten with springs of spring onions. yum.
suckling pig lung king heen hong kong

Pork deep fried in batter but surprisingly light served with rice flour pancakes. Best Chinese pork sandwich, handsdown. Portions were also perfect as it would have got heavy if taken in large doses.

lung king heen four seasons

lung king heen pork

I grew up in a Cantonese/Hokkien/Peranakan household, but Canto cuisine was the backbone of my culinary education from double boiled soups over the charcoal stoves to steam fish, sweet and sour dishes, wantons to steam eggs, my amazing mother slaved over the kitchen stoves every day of the year as far as my childhood memory goes. The perfect timing for steaming a fish is btween 5-8mins depending on the size and thickness of the flesh. And always make a slit down the belly after gutting the fish, so it cooks faster.

Our steamed red mullet cooked with care drizzled with some oil and soy sauce, shredded ginger and spring onions was served in dim sum baskets on fragrant lotus leaves. Faultlessly fresh, light and beautifully presented. The simple condiments just brought the best out of the fish so fresh I bet it came directly out of a tank.
lung king heen garouper

We had braised tofu and beef noodles as well as a mouthwatering delish lobster fried rice to finish.

I never manage to get a table for dim sum brunch partly because I always book too late, but I’ve heard the most amazing things about those xiaolongbaos they do in cute little baskets. It is a priority on the to-eat list.

We started with a bottle of Billacart Salmon champagne and ordered a bottle of delicate red to go with dinner. Our bill came up to about 1200HKD per person. This restaurant fully deserves it’s stellar acclaim, all the Cantonese dishes passing the litmus test of authenticity.

Lung King Heen
8 Finance Street,
Central Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3196 8888

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