Best Bangkok Street Eats: Yaowarat Chinatown

This is a way overdue entry sometime in March when I was in Bangkok on a short CX deal weekend getaway.
bkk china town yaowarat
It was actually my first time in Bangkok’s Yaowarat Chinatown and my Thai friends took us out to their favourite Chinese joints, from the best char kueh teow roadside stall to an eatery in a remote back lane that sells delicious forms of the deepsea butterfish.

bkk fresh fish

bkk fish soup


Fish belly, lots of cartilage, great texture and cooked just right with sides of fresh condiments like fried shallots, spring onions and fish sauce and pork fat.

fish belly noodles bkk

The stall 祥记 has been around for generations and here there’s an old lady with perfect coiffured hair taking the orders.

bkk chinatown

Amazing char kueh teow – it’s rumoured the wok hasn’t been washed in decades giving the rice noodles a smokey, tasty flavour that you don’t get elsewhere.

bkk chinatown kuehteow


Love these chairs.

bkk yaowarat

One of my favourite and comfort foods. A peppery pig’s stomach soup, we serve them with 梅菜 (preserved vegetables the Chinese way) but I have to say I like the Thai style better, with roast pork in the mix! At the same stall, we also got a Thai Chinese version of Ngau Hiang, 5 spiced pork stuffed and rolled in beancurd skin. My mum’s recipe here.

bkk yaowarat pork soup


I don’t have exact addresses of these places as they’re all in Thai, but foursquare has them all pinned down. So if you have data connection while in Bangkok, check into foursquare, they’re all pinned on the map, or better yet, just wander around Yaowarat, it’s got so much delicious street food done the Chinese Thai way!


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