Recipe: Mussels in Mascarpone and scampi bouillon

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We made scampi penne and here’s what we did with the heads and shells-maximising on the flavours of the sea, we made use of every part so that none of the good stuff go to waste. And as you can see mascarpone (and often creme fraiche) is our best friend, and they kind of hang around uninvited on our waist after.

scampi mussels boullion


We cook intuitively, so depending on the number of your party. Our mussels recipe:

– curry powder
– mussels (500g)
– scampi shells
– thyme
– carrots and onions (diced finely)
– sea salt, pepper, butter
– mascarpone
– Brandy ( to flambé the scampi heads )
– basil (to garnish)

Roast the scampi head and shells in the pan with some olive oil. Flambé the scampi head with brandy and add the diced carrots and onions, thyme and add curry powder. Add water and allow the content to simmer. Add mascarpone and finally the mussels. Garnish with basil leaves and ready to serve!

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