Macau's First Printmaking Triennale 2012/2013

macau print triennale
print triennale macau

One of my favourite pieces at the Printmaking Triennale is by Hong Kong printmaker Tsoi Wai chung “Coffin’Me”.

This is Macau’s first Printmaking Triennale organised by the Cultural Affairs Bureau SAR, providing an international printmaking exchange from the artists in the region from over 11 countries. The exhibition is on till February 17, 2013, at the Old Court House in Central Macau.

China was the cradle of printmaking thousands of years ago and this exhibition showcases the cultural diversity of inspiration and content that goes into the craft. Because of Macau’s geographical location on the Southern tip of China, Western missionaries heading East at the end of the 15th century first stopped here en route to China. (Macau is actually the world’s first Western colony). Macau was a strategic port on the sea silk route trade and the flourishing print industry then helped to boost the international trade.

The works on show range from traditional watermark woodcut printings, stencil and silkscreen works as well as etching and aquatint works. The pieces range from whimsical, to burlesque and even some form of darkness with a Tim Burtonesque print.

macau print triennale 5
By Fo Lo Tung, Macau

macau print triennale 4
Another one of my favourite pieces. By Negishi Kazunari, Japan.

macau print triennale 3
“Fossil of the 21st Century” by Malaysian artist Mohd Faizal Suhif.

And Singaporean artists, very well represented at the show. Abit of Yayoi Kusuma going on here with Singaporean printmaker Ng Kiow Ngor, April “Tracks are positioned at precise coordinates IV”
macau print triennale 2

macau print triennale 1
Chan Mei Hsien’s “The Pursuit of Meaning.”, Singapore.

Exhibition through February 17, 2013
Edificio do Tribunal,
Avenida da Praia Grande,

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