Recipe: Blu Lobster morels with winter black truffles

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One of the joys of going back to France for the Summer is buying and cooking amazing produce a fraction of the price in our Asian supermarkets. I’m also very fortunate to be eating noble products professionally cooked at home, but this is usually a treat and not expected of daily meals!

blu lobster

black truffles

We went out to the Truffle HQ in Provence – where truffles hunted cleaned and packaged before being exported around the world. While the summer truffles were in season, we opted for the more fragrant Western Australian winter truffles.

lobster truffle recipe

Recipe: Blu lobster morels with truffle and cream.

You’d need a lobster (ours was blu in this case for 49€)

Truffles – I know that in France you can buy them easily in season and in Hong Kong you can order from the supplier. Something a decent size sets you back HKD1000+

Handful of morels, we had a choice of French and Canadian ones, we naturally picked the French.


Bravely put the live lobster in a pot of boiling water filled with some salt and fresh thyme for 2 mins. Take it out, remove shell and blanche the meat in butter, chicken stock and thyme. Remove quickly to cool.

Add cream to the remaining stock solution and add in the morels. Leave to simmer for 10-15mins stirring occasionally.

Ready to serve with truffles on top!

wines loire valley


The wine damage the other night, part of our engagement party part 1.

tours france cheese

And ending with a chèvre cheese course, goat’s cheese being the specialty of the Loire Valley area, featuring the St Maure that always finds itself at the Deschamps table at the end of every meal.;)

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