Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

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Well, the year has flown by. I looked back at last year’s entry and think of how far I’ve come in 2013, equal amount of struggles, beautiful summer holidays, plenty of opportunities to grow professionally and personally, as I continue to push boundaries,  looking for my identity in my 30s, dealing with the immense sense of displacement, loneliness and insecurity having quit a full time career in Hong Kong to move to Macau and set up my own consultancy, working from home and pretty much inheriting a pre-existing social network – I’ve always arrived alone and relocated alone (with cat), it’s a whole new ball game here! This NYT article on friendships kind of resonates with me.

I’ve lived abroad nearly a decade and never called myself “an expat”. What’s in a name and this labelling? I always saw myself as a hardworking immigrant like my forefathers that made Singapore home. Expat or skilled migrant worker (the former just a glorified label), I’ve moved 4 countries the last decade and I’ve struggled the hardest with my Macau move.

I re-read my recent interview with Expat blog. While said in half jest, the reality is I haven’t moved beyond counting peanuts in a bowl and I’m setting out to do so in 2014 to better the circumstance of the choice I made.

Is it easy to make friends in Macau? Yes and no (at least in my first year). There are many social networking events and there is the International Ladies Club that organizes plenty of social activities which is a wonderful way to meet other trailing spouses and women who’ve moved to Macau for work. Macau is very family oriented and great for the children, but we don’t yet have kids, so our social life is as exciting as counting peanuts in a bowlI also travel often for work, so it’s been tough to say the least.

Well, thank you 2013. I am never thankful enough, and it has another amazing year. I’ve done more self preservation, practising better self awareness; de-toxed myself from people and things that don’t serve any positive purpose –  slowly but surely learning to leave the past behind as I move forward with more exciting new chapters. 2014 is going to be a huge year for transitions and change. I’m looking forward to it! :)


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