Mindfulness: Living In The Moment

buddha macau

I’ve been trying to live in the moment, learning to better practice mindfulness and awareness as I make sense of living in strange and wonderful Macau, while leaving my career in Hong Kong behind to join the ranks of trailing spouses to become “wife of a chef” which in itself is challenging and special. There’s even a whole support network called Married to a chef.

I’ve done “expat” life – I have never used this term living and working abroad the last 10 years, but I guess that’s what it’s called and the term everyone loosely throws around in our social circle. I wonder what interesting things a trailing spouse life is going to entail.

The greatest benefit is having alot of your own time – even if I work alot of it – how could I ever stop working? It gives me pleasure and keeps me stimulated, but I think the tricky and difficult part is finding the perfect balance between solitude and having precious time to connect and re-connect as a couple.

I’m learning to slow down and live in the present, practising breathing and mindfulness, being a “human being” rather than a human “doing”.

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