TGIF: Life in Macau

tgif macao

Second day into the New Year, no new resolutions, just staying focused, practising mindfulness and reducing my mad “jumping shrimp” tendency to multi-task on turbo.

Here’s a new series I’ll be putting together, I’ve spent some time with iMovies and really don’t use it enough and it’s such a great creative outlet to do so many things. The last time I made a short film in 48 hours that got featured on BBC Fast Track was well, nearly 5 years ago.

Having the luxury time off in December and not being able to sit still to rest, I was doing typography classes on Skillshare, serial reading Social Media trends and case studies to catch up on all the interesting nuggets that I otherwise never have enough time for in a day.

So, there’s been lots going on in Macau. I went to a Flamenco dance Utopia but found it more melancholic and depressing than cheerful and uplifting, I should have read up on it before, but headed out to the theatre is better than not – slim pickings here in Macau!

Here’s some of my favourite bits this week, walks in Coloane, eating lots, discovering new places and I just got a library card. More on navigating the system in my next posts coming up. Meantime, enjoy the first of many series of my Life in Macau. I haven’t got round to the arduous task of getting my driving licence converted and its been over 10 years since I last drove, so lots of bus taking and walking has been a great way to assimilate. If the husband allowed me to have a bicycle, I’d definitely be cycling, but it does feel like the people drive way more recklessly than in Beijing!

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