Shop: Macau Buddy Candy Store

buddy candy store macau

I chanced upon Buddy Candy Store while wandering through the alleys to get to my coconut ice cream shop. This little area has transformed with lots of new designer boutiques, art galleries and a super cool sweet store. A little bit of a wonderland in the middle of old local housing, just 50m down from St Paul’s Ruins.

Definitely a welcome addition to families and I suppose birthday parties would be a little more fun with the variety parents can buy. I didn’t grow up in the US so it didn’t bring up any childhood nostalgia, but I would imagine it would for lots of people.

candy store macao

So, lots of new colourful candies in all shapes and sizes from Hello Kitty to the latest animation blockbuster hit – take it away people! I’m not sure if the local dentists would be pleased though! ;)

I have to confess that I was more taken with the floaty glass balloons than all the colourful candy in the store!

Found their Facebook page.

candy store macau
zebra buddy sweet shop macau
Macao, China
Tel: +853 2835 8222

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