Travel, Eat & Stay: 3* Michelin L’Assiette Champenoise Reims France

breakfast l'assiette champenoise

L’Assiette Champenoise is a gorgeous hotel with an exceptional breakfast and the wait staff at breakfast are lovely, friendly and speak fluent English. Everything comes to your table at the start, homemade butter, salted caramel, chocolate, confiture and caramelised condensed milk (dulce de leche)! You are spoilt for choice and probably go without lunch which is also my idea to not overeat and to gorge ourselves like no tomorrow a fancy meal after another, but with my vacation-mode husband, we ate about 4-5 times a day, rather we stuffed ourselves. We hit the breakfast table gleefully everyday at 830am and always caught the freshly baked yogurt cake – you MUST try that one! And aren’t those vintage ovens cute??


I recommend hitting the heated pool in the morning before breakfast because you’ll be eating and drinking so much your clothes will not fit you by the end of the week and the rest of your holidays. True story speaking from personal experiences from me and the husband.


Modern rooms, wifi isn’t stable, service is potty. I was never once greeted by a particular front of house lady when I continued to say Bonjour and Bonjournée every day for the four nights we stayed and she even rolled her eyes at once when I asked her for directions to the restroom and what time the pool closed in French.

I had earlier approached her in English and then realised her overwhelming insecurity from not being able to speak English, she overcompensated by being rude, first stuttering then rolling her eyes before marching away. Well, my husband was upset thinking I had left a terrible review as I have caused previous grief with Trip advisor and I no longer leave reviews.

But for an idea of my stay, these terrible reviews perfectly sum up my experience with the service – so much so my husband thought it was me creating a fictitious story to report. Sorry rude front of house lady, it wasn’t enough to ruin our first year anniversary and our stay, thanks to mindfulness meditation and a greater sense of apathy and the psychological behaviour and understanding clearly how insecurities manifests themselves.

This is a huge pity, because the rooms are gorgeous, the perfectly manicured gardens are stunning and the food – not my best meal, but good and worth the calories. Maybe the service made the difference?


A great welcome with Deutz and a delicious raspberry religieuse pastry. Pity about the service, everything else was really pleasant. Room rates from 320€/night and doesn’t include breakfast (35€ additional daily and we recommend lining your stomach before you start drinking at 11am!). I think we got upgraded. Dinner was something simliar around 300€/person with drinks.

Thank you chef Lallement!

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I grew up in a household where my dad says “money don’t grow on trees” on a daily basis and we had to ask for permission to turn on the aircon for the high electricity bills we’d incur. So this sort of extravagance always makes me balk with guilt, but my husband believes in self reward and treats. Often times, we talk about friends who have been hoarding their hard earned money for life, only to be diagnosed with a terminal illness out of the blue.

I am also trying to live with the mentality of there is enough instead of lack and guilt, which here Tina Chen a wealth coach articulates so well. Obviously this isn’t a reflection of our every day life of course, so live a little and a little more on our anniversary, living the moment.

So, have you been to L’assiette champenoise? I am curious if you had a good time or the same kind of potty service experience that peppered trip advisor terrible reviews similar to mine? Leave me a comment! ;)

40 Avenue Paul Vaillant-Couturier, 51430 Tinqueux, France
Tel:+33 3 26 84 64 64
It’s located quite centrally and just 3.6km to the Cathedral of Reims which makes for a good walk to the old city centre after all that eating and drinking. Naturally, we didn’t end up doing so because we made better use of the time drinking another bottle of champagne. Regretfully piling on the calories!

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