Reading: Dying to Know you by Aiden Chambers

image from unsplash
image from unsplash

I’ve actually been reading more books than I have in the last few years with the newish Taipa Library by the park. They have a great selection of fiction, autobiographies and history books and very similar to my bookshelf and wish lists. I am so thrilled and looking forward to meet and get to know know the head librarian behind those great selections sometime soon. I hope. I asked at the counter, but no luck and robotic uninspiring answers, quite typical of Macau library check out staff.

I finished Aiden Chamber’s award winning Dying to Know You in two sittings and was craving for more. Simple, poignant and the rich memory of first loves, growing up/ growing old and getting to know yourself, which tugged at heartstrings where I once was, sometimes am and wonder how life will turn out.

Truth is, I’ve only ever loved two men in my life, my first love who I never saw again since a decade ago in November 2005 when he visited me while I was living in Italy. (which the book so brilliant captures the folly, intoxicating mad love of late teenagers transitioning into adulthood with all the psychological baggage of childhood, parental imperfections and what not.) and my husband.

I think books and stories are as personal as soundtracks and scent, and this book hit home about growing up and evolving into adulthood. I’d recommend this easy read to anyone – everyone would relate to it at some point or another.

For those looking for the Taipa Macau library, it’s in the park and on the lower ground floor.

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