My Virtual Vet: Sydney Pet Vet in Surry Hills

juliana and nic and smudge

Just like how we all need a second or sometimes third opinion on a medical situation, I work the same way with Smudge. I don’t trust the Macau doctors and their “can’t be bothered attitude” towards everything – it deeply frightens me growing up with reliable and trustworthy medical care and many doctor friends.

We’ve had a few medical run ins which resulted in more expensive consults that could have been preventive treatment rather than cure. I don’t actually know any Mums who aren’t Macanese or young expats in their early 20s who dare to birth here in Macau. Why take the risk?

My first love was a medical student and am all too familiar at the gruelling process of becoming a qualified doctor after six years in med school and a year of housemanship. If there was any doctor I’d trust, it’d be a friend and likely a Singapore trained one.

So anyhow, Smudge spits and vomits out fur when the seasons change and a couple of months back she started limping and the first vet said oh nothing is wrong maybe muscle strain. The second vet suggested a full test that cost and arm and leg – but I feel necessary so we could have a diagnosis. But then he was so casual about everything in his Portuguese chilled out fashion, my worrying Singaporean self had to seek a third consult – and Dr Nic, my very old friend in Sydney with his own practice in Surry Hills Sydney is my go-to.

Apart from the opportunity of catching up with an old friend – I get advice and detailed analysis of the results, the ultra sound scans and x-ray and of course the re-assurance what most panicky pet owners are looking for when they visit the vet. Somehow, I never get them here and it drives me (and subsequently the husband insane because I cannot sleep). It must be cultural.

Thank goodness for Dr Nic a skype call away. Anyhow, if you live in Sydney and in need of a reliable, personable and wonderful vet, (with ameneagerie of animals in his clinic backyard – all rescues that he’s helped treat and feed until they are strong enough for foster homes), look for Dr Nic at Sydney Pet Vet in Surry Hills. Opened on weekends – a rarity I am told in Australia!

Oh, if you need more assurance while doing your research, check out all his animal videos on Youtube!

Sydney Pet Vet

1 Brumby Street

Sydney, Australia

Tel: (02) 9698 4869

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