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chicken scrawlings juliana loh

Helloooo. I am still overeating and stuffing my face this festive as I spent the last few days cooking. My fridge and freezer is full of deliciousness and looks like I am eating at home for the next week or so!

Grateful to finally have some down time to figure out how to fix the bugs on this blog and catch up with backlog of overdue posts that are scheduled to come up over the next few weeks. :)

I finally got down to getting some photos done in December for a website revamp coming soon. And well, some fun photos for the blog too. :)

I commissioned my good friend Lilian Yeung to help me take some brand portraits photography and here are the results. My other good friend Alex was visiting me over Christmas and it was a great fun get together as he helped direct the shoot.

Well, self branding and image is really important as it’s the face you put out there to the world, but most importantly, it should reflect who you are, and should resonate with every bone in your body. There shouldn’t be anything pretentious and superficial about it. So, here’s me awkwardly big mouthed, wide eyed wonder and on the 1000th take to get it presentable. Thank god for friends and patience to bring the best out of me in photos.

I have always been really awkward on camera and that has not changed. I am not photogenic and well still working hard at self esteem and on camera presence, double chin and all.

Well, ¬†here’s more of Lilian’s hard work and coming all the way to Macau for this job.

And here’s proof I’ve always been awkward, since I was a kid. Look Ma, no neck. Compared to my brothers with very confident body language, clearly I was always self conscious from the age of 4! Taken on Christmas eve 1985.


Someday, I am going to get better at posing for photographs. And someday I am also going to take much better photos. I can’t wait to save up for a DSLR and take proper classes to indulge my creative soul a little.

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